Office conversation - a short story

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Banana Sticker They're not evil, OK?

"I just think we need to be more...selective about the things we hate."

"Like what?"

"Well, for instance - you hate that guy in the office who talks loudly?"

"I do - he‘«÷s an egotistical prick."

"Right. You hate him because he wilfully shares his opinions, whether you want to hear them or not."

"Yeah, but he‘«÷s does it so he can have an argument. He wants to be a big man."

 "I understand why you dislike him."

"So what‘«÷s your point then?"

"My point is that you hate him. There‘«÷s a world of difference."

"OK, so what am I allowed to hate then?"

"I don‘«÷t know. Why not hate other things - inanimate things - like... bananas."


"Yeah, bananas."

"OK - so why should I hate bananas?"

"Because they‘«÷re evil. I don‘«÷t mean ‘«ˇcoming down the stairs‘«÷ kind of evil - what I mean is that a lot of people have died over bananas."

"They have?"

"Oh sure. Just think how many people must have died over the centuries in cargo ships, in plantations, in slavery, in the Queen‘«÷s Navy - all to provide us with a yellow fruit that, to be fair to it, I could certainly live without."

"Well you could say that about lots of fruit."

"OK - so hate lots of fruit, what do I care?"

"I don‘«÷t want to hate bananas. I like bananas. What about those little stickers you get on them."

"Hmm... yeah, I do like them, I suppose. OK, let‘«÷s not hate bananas."

"Should we hate something else instead?"

"No, Petal. Not today."

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