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Who is Adam Read?

I'm a writer. But I have to admit that even saying it feels slightly hollow - because I'm currently unpublished.

I don't feel terribly embarrassed about saying I'm unpublished, or for asking for help in changing that fact. If you're interested in my work and you'd like to help me, please get in touch. Either way - I'm certainly asking you to give me a chance, since everyone has to start somewhere.

I write many different kinds of fiction, from children's stories to adult (though not adult) fiction. 

Extract from : Short story about a clown

A clown's life is not extraordinary - I am the same as you, you are the same as me. Inside the ring I am the majesty; I'm the one who owns the circus, and the one you came to see. You wouldn't recognise me in the street, and I think it's better that way.